Mobilis Transport Planning Consultants 2023
The Poole town centre model was built to test highway improvements to the west of the main retail centre along the A350 corridor, which provides the main access to the ferry terminals and harbour bridges. The model included around 60 zones covering the urban area of Poole. The model comprised approximately 730 nodes and 1560 links. Around 15 signalised junctions were modelled and 17 signalised pedestrian crossings. Following the successful calibration and validation of the base model a number of option tests were undertaken on a variety of revised highway layouts. Using Paramics to design and test highway layout options ‘on the fly’ provided significant efficiency benefits over the traditional method of producing ‘on-paper’ initial designs, which are then input into a model. Many hours can go into producing ‘on-paper’ designs only for modelling to show them to be unrealistic solutions almost immediately.
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Network Comparison, Base Model and Preferred Option Model
Poole Town Centre Model, inc. Parkstone and Hamworthy
Poole Town Centre A350 Corridor Improvements