Mobilis Transport Planning Consultants 2023
Shifnal is a small market town in Shropshire, approximately 5km east of Telford. The objective of the modelling was to assess the impact of additional traffic on the key roads and junctions within Shifnal and to test options to mitigate these impacts. The model included around 40  zones. The model included approximately 330 nodes and 660 links. Using the local plan housing allocation to predict the level of traffic growth, models were developed to test various traffic management strategies to mitigate the effects of this significant increase in projected traffic flow. A number of tests were undertaken and a final preferred strategy was identified. As the centre of Shifnal is a compact and historic market town, one of the key factors in the modelling was understanding the interaction of priority, roundabout and signalised junctions all existing in close proximity. Traditional modelling tools would not have been able to replicate this phenomenon.
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Poole   Town Centre Base Model
Shifnal Housing Expansion
Shifnal Town Centre Model, inc. Housing Allocation Sites