Mobilis Transport Planning Consultants 2023
The successful testing of the A350 corridor measures led to the Poole town centre model being used to assess major redevelopment proposals to the north of the main retail area of Poole. The redevelopment proposals included; removal of car parks and relocation of the spaces to other parts of the town centre, relocation of the bus station and road closures. Measures such as these are easily modelled in Paramics. Once again the model was used to develop alternative highway layouts ‘on the fly’. The flexibility of the software allowed the proposed development demands to be added to the model. Traffic management schemes and junction layouts were conceived and adapted using the model and thus the additional traffic and differing flow patterns could be accommodated very efficiently. The redevelopment option model outputs were then used to compare speeds, journey times, link flows and emissions/air quality.
Poole Town Centre North Redevelopment Model, Example of Evolving ‘on the fly’ Junction Design and Signal Staging
Poole Town Centre Town Centre North Redevelopment